City Name Generator

Simple and great way to generate a random city name for strategy, simulation and online games.
Click on "Generate a city name".
Custom name
Favorite names:
The city name generator uses an algorithm that creates real original world city names or made-up ones. You can also enter your own custom city name and generate different variations of it.

How To Use It

Start generating names by clicking on "Generate a city name" button, every time you click on it, a new name will be generated.
Choose between two options "Real" or "Made-up", first option generates real city names, second option creates fictional names. Use the "Custom name" option to enter your own custom name.
The "Generate a variation" feature creates a new variation of the name that is already generated, it will simply change the order of the letters randomly. This feature can create interesting names.
When you have found a name that you like, click on the "Add to favorites" button and it will be added to the favorite names list. It gives you the possibility to generate more names and decide later which name to choose. The list has no limits, so add to it as many city names as you want, but remember to copy the list to a file or a document before you leave this page.

New Features and Updates

We are working on the algorithm to improve it and add new helpful features to make the process of finding new original city names easier for you.
Your feedback is important for us, if you have any questions, suggestions, requests then please write us a message on our contact page.